Thursday, October 25, 2018

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley

Here's the match video of Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley from the semi finals of the Mae Young Classic. If you recall, Tegan Nox destroyed her leg during he quarter final match vs Rhea. The match was stopped and Rhea won. Reports indicate that Tegan was supposed to win that match and possibly win the tournament. Tegan worked for Stardom so they know each other and I'm sure their match was already planned. This change meant that Io is working with someone she doesn't know and she only had an hour to lay out this match. Rhea has been to Japan but she never worked for Stardom. You wouldn't know any of that by watching this match. Because of Rhea's size and also because she's a heel, Io kept the match very simple. Rhea beat the crap out of Io for the first half of the match. Then the worm turned and Io turned things around with a hurricanrana and a 619. When Rhea couldn't win with a superplex, that led to Io's trademark moonsault for the win. Kudos to both ladies for great performances in less than ideal circumstances. And now Io goes on to the finals vs Toni Storm at Evolution. I expect them to steal the show as they know each other very well. Enjoy the video!

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