Sunday, October 28, 2018

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Talita Bernardo vs Sarah Moras

Here's the match video of Talita Bernardo vs Sarah Moras from last night's UFC show in Moncton, NB. Sarah is from Sechelt, BC. She recently moved to Las Vegas with fiancee Cleve Bentley to train at the UFC Performance Institute. He's also a fighter. They trained together at home. Sarah was on TUF 18 and she has had injuries. Since I first saw her in Invicta she's had subpar striking and she has wrestling talent but she needs to learn to control the fight. Judges will score top position more favorably than bottom position. Talita is a Brazilian who looked awful in her first two UFC fights. The only thing I can tell you is I don't see any improvement in Sarah Moras. She is doing the same things that cost her fights in the past. Her striking is not very good. Then she kept winding up in bottom position. Her defense is good because Talita wasn't able to do much with Sarah once Talita took her down. At first Sarah was active on the bottom with elbows but then she got tired. And the judges won't give her much credit for offense from the bottom anyway. Talita was mostly doing lay and pray but it was enough to win the fight 30-27. Two of the judges scored it 30-27 and the third scored it 29-28. It hardly matters because Talita won decisively. It's another disappointing outing for Sarah. She just lost to someone she should have beaten. Check out the video for yourself.

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