Thursday, May 05, 2016

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 23 episode 3

Here's the video of episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter 23. This features the first women's match of the series. The only notable thing on last week's episode was that Helen Harper was suffering from bronchitis and she passed out in the kitchen. On this week's episode, she hurts her elbow during training. So she continues to have problems. At the end of last week's show Tatiana Suarez of Team Claudia was chosen to face JJ Aldrich of Team Joanna. Leading up to that, we were shown training sessions. A couple of the guys had a donut eating contest. Anything to fend off boredom. And of course they show us Joanna "bullying" Claudia. And I have to remind you the show is edited to make Joanna look like that. I know they hate each other. We don't need to be bludgeoned over the head with it. I hadn't seen Tatiana fight before but she's much bigger than JJ. Wrestling is her specialty. We also learn she is a cancer survivor which no doubt makes her even tougher. I saw JJ in Invicta and I wasn't that impressed with her. She trains with Rose Namajunas in Colorado. The two fighters are the same height so it's striking how much larger Tatiana looks. Tatiana scores a takedown in round one. She's not able to finish but she won the round 10-9. In round two, Tatiana gets another takedown and this time she is able to finish with a rear naked choke. We'll see how Tatiana does in the next round. She looked great or maybe JJ isn't that good. Enjoy the video!
The Ultimate Fighter - S23E03 Team Joanna vs... by xstepsd

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