Monday, May 09, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Germain De Randamie vs Anna Elmose

Here's the match video of Germaine De Randamie vs Anna Elmose from yesterday's UFC show in The Netherlands. The big deal is that Germaine is fighting at home in front of her family and friends. Of course Germaine is a kickboxing champ but she is very vulnerable to a ground attack. Anna is from Denmark. She is also a striker. She seems undersized especially against Germaine and she is probably more suitable at 125lb. She had that "Hi, mom. I'm happy to be here" smile on her face. Anna did OK at first clinching on the fence. But she couldn't take Germaine down. Germaine took over and a couple of knees to the body and it's all over. Of course the crowd went crazy. Germaine looked great against a terrible opponent. But she needs to beat someone higher up on the foodchain to be a title contender. I always think back to that match in Strikeforce where Julia Budd beat Germaine by sitting on her for three rounds. She had no ground game. Until I see some improvement in that area, she's still just a great kickboxer. She was offered the Cris Cyborg fight. That could be in her future. Enjoy the video!

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