Friday, May 06, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Angela Lee vs Mei "VV Mei" Yamaguchi

Here's the match video for Angela Lee vs Mei "VV Mei" Yamaguchi from today's ONE Championship show in Singapore. This is for what they are calling an Atomweight Championship. But the contracted weight is 52kg which is actually Strawweight. Angela is Canadian but she trains in Singapore. So she is billed as a home town fighter. Mei is a very tough fighter. But she's a legit Atomweight. She has fought at 48kg for the last few years. I thought the size advantage would be a big factor. ONE does not use the ten point must system. They score the fight as a whole. But I will score the fight using the ten point must system just because that's the world standard. And they didn't announce the scores at the end of the fight. Mei gets a takedown in round one but Angela rolls through and winds up on top. She maintains the advantage. Angela attempts a guillotine but she never applies it properly. I thought she held on to it too long and could have tired herself out. I scored round one 10-9 for Angela. In round two, Angela tripped Mei but Mei wound up on top. She got some ground and pound. Angela attempted submissions for the bottom but Mei defended very well. I scored round two 10-9 for Mei. Mei continued on the offensive in round three. She scored a knockdown and then got top position. But she tried too hard for submissions and she looked very tired by the end of the round. So I scored round three 10-9 for Mei but but I didn't think she had anything left. And that's what happened. Angela came back in the last two rounds. The rounds were very similar. Angela got top position, attempted unsuccessful submissions but she did enough to win the final two rounds 10-9. So I scored the fight 48-47 for Angela. She deserves a lot of credit for coming back in the final two rounds and for taking advantage of Mei tiring herself out. Of course that was a big mistake but it could have gone the other way. Check out the video for yourself!

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