Monday, May 16, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Tiempo Libre

Artist:Tiempo Libre
Song:Tu Conga Bach
Album:Bach In Havana

Though the members of Tiempo Libre were all born in Cuba, they have lived in Miami for many years. The goal of Tiempo Libre is to bring the authentic sounds of Timba to the world. Timba mixes traditional Cuban music with jazz, R&B and funk. On the 2009 album Bach In Havana, Tiempo Libre adapts the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Tiempo Libre is led by pianist Jorge Gomez. He was the leader of Grupo Moncada. They were formed in Cuba in 1974 and then moved to the US in 1978. Supposedly they were the first Cuban band to perform in the US post Cuban Revolution. After Grupo Moncada disbanded in the early 90s, Gomez toured and recorded with Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera. Gomez formed Tiempo Libre in 2001. Other members include Joaquin Diaz on vocals, Tabelio Fonte on bass, Pavel Diaz on trumpet, Luis Beltran Castillo on sax and flute, Leandro Gonzalez on congas and Angel Arce on drums. After releasing a couple of albums on the small Shanachie label, Tiempo Libre signed with Sony Masterworks. They recorded the 2008 CD O'Reilly Street with classical flutist James Galway. This album was heavily influenced by Claude Bolling's Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano that Bolling recorded with Jean Pierre Rampal in the 70s. That album was so successful that Gomez wanted to record an album of Bach adaptations. He said all musicians learn to play Bach as children so it's as much a part of their roots as Timba. The result was the 2009 album Bach In Havana. Tu Conga Bach is Bach's Fugue In C Minor. The album was very successful and it was nominated for a Grammy. Maybe you saw Tiempo Libre on Dancing With The Stars at the time. Guest musicians include legendary Cuban sax player Paquito D'Riviera and up and comer Yosvanny Terry. After a second album for Masterworks, Tiempo Libre moved to Universal Latino for the 2015 CD Panamericano. They will be touring this summer so check them out if they are coming your way. Their show is very high energy and entertaining. Here's the video for Tu Conga Bach by Tiempo Libre.

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