Saturday, May 21, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Alexis Dufresne vs Marloes Coenen

Here's the match video of Alexis Dufresne vs Marloes Coenen from last night's Bellator show in Boise, ID. It aired on Spike TV. These days Bellator seems like The Twilight Zone of MMA. And last night's show may have been the worst MMA show to ever air on free TV. The initial plan was for Marloes to face Julia Budd for a title. And the suits at Spike TV were going to air it on the prelims on the Spike TV website which costs the fighters sponsorship money. This dumb idea was changed when Julia pulled out due to injury and Alexis Dufresne was brought in to replace her. So now it was a non title match on the main card. Alexis fought in the UFC. But she couldn't seem to make 135lb. So after two losses, she was released. Then she got pregnant. This is her first fight since then. She missed weight by five pounds which was not surprising because of the short notice. Marloes took this personally for some reason. She shouldn't have. The fight was fought at a 150lb catchweight. As great as Marloes has been over the years, her one really bad habit is to underestimate opponents. As a fighter, all opponents, even tomato cans, should be taken seriously. And there are plenty of 145lb tomato cans. I guess she was expecting an easy win. But Alexis began the fight with a takedown. Not much was happening. And eventually Marloes reversed it and got top position. But Alexis smartly pinned Marloes' arms. And Marloes couldn't do anything. Ref Jason Herzog warned her about headbutts. Then Alexis goes for a triangle choke. And while cinching it up, she hammered Marloes with elbows to the head. Marloes is in big trouble. And in her attempt to escape, she exposed her arm and Alexis took it. And it's all over. It was a big upset to be sure and Marloes was mortified. But she has no one to blame but herself for not taking Alexis seriously. So now the title match will be Alexis vs Julia Budd. Also, I think Alexis will make weight with a full camp. I suspect many fans skipped this match thinking Marloes would win easily. It just shows one never knows in the MMA business. Enjoy the video.

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