Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kip Addotta

Artist:Kip Addotta
Song:Wet Dream
Album:Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time

There was a time when comedy and novelty records were as popular as pop music. By the time Kip Addotta came along in the 80s, those days were over for good. Addotta is a stand up comic who also recorded a couple of novelty singles. The 1982 single Wet Dream is still alive because of Barry Hansen AKA Dr. Demento, The King of Novelty Records. Addotta was born June 16, 1944 in Rockford, IL. When I watch his stand up work, it's clear that he was a huge Lenny Bruce fan. Addotta started out in Chicago clubs and by the mid-70s, he had appeared on The Tonight Show. Then he signs with Laff Records. Laff was very successful in the 60s with Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Slappy White. But by the 80s, comedy records weren't selling anymore and Laff was on its last legs. Addotta recorded three albums for Laff. Wet Dream is from the 1982 album The Comedian of the United States. Let's just say that the song is very fishy. And Addotta produced a video for it. Of course Laff couldn't afford to promote it so the single went nowhere. But Barry Hansen got his hands on it and Hansen has played it on his Dr. Demento radio show ever since. The Dr. Demento show is still available online. Hansen has also released Dr. Demento CDs on Rhino for years and that's where you can find Wet Dream and plenty of other novelty songs. Addotta recorded a couple of other novelty songs including the rap parody White Boy Rapp. But Laff went bankrupt in 1985. When Laff was reborn as Uproar Entertainment in the 90s, Addotta recorded for them. He also appeared on TV shows like Make Me Laugh and he continues to perform live. It looks like he records on his own label. He could have been a successful recording artist in an earlier era. Here's the video for Wet Dream by Kip Addotta.

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