Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Cris Cyborg vs Leslie Smith

Here's the match video of Cris Cyborg vs Leslie Smith from last night's UFC show in Curitiba, Brazil. The fight was at a catchweight of 140lb mainly because Curitiba is Cyborg's home town. Leslie got a new UFC contract for taking this fight. But most of us expected her to be a victim. The fight was like every Cyborg fight of the last five years. She swarmed Leslie with strikes, got a knockdown and pounded her until the ref stopped the fight. It lasted 70 seconds. Leslie complained of an early stoppage. But remember Leslie also complained about the stoppage of her Jessica Eye fight. Then she watched it and admitted she was wrong. She will realize that when she watches this too. A little too soon is much preferable than much too late. Leslie wasn't going to come back from that so what difference does it make? Unless Cris can find another UFC fighter willing to fight her at 140lb, this will be her only fight in the UFC. Based on comments by her and by her idiot manager Tito Ortiz, she will never drop to 135. Remember there are new weight cut rules beginning with UFC 200. All fighters must be within 8% of the target weight at the beginning of fight week. How do you think that would work with Cyborg even at 140. Last night, UFC Women's Bantamweight Champ Miesha Tate said she was interested in fighting Cyborg only at 135 because that's where the title is. I expect all contracted UFC fighters to follow her lead. Only a financial incentive should convince fighters to accept a catchweight fight with Cyborg. Remember Leslie got a new multi fight contract for taking this fight. So unless Cyborg agrees to drop to 135, last night's fight was a dead end. Well, at least Cyborg got her home town pop. Enjoy the video!

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