Monday, May 09, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Addie "Sweet Pease" Spivey

Artist:Addie "Sweet Pease" Spivey
Song:Leavin' You Baby
Album:The Spivey Sisters (Sweet Pease & The Za Zu Girl)

Singer Addie "Sweet Pease" Spivey is frequently confused with her better known older sister Victoria Spivey to the point that some of Addie's recordings turn up on Victoria CDs. There's even a third more obscure sister Elton "The Za Zu Girl" Spivey. Part of the problem is they recorded with some of the same musicians like trumpeter Henry "Red" Allen and they also recorded under phony names. The big difference between Victoria and Addie was Victoria was still around in the 60s and Addie died in 1943. Addie was born Aug. 22, 1910 in Houston. Their father was a musician. Victoria was already very popular when Addie made her recording debut in 1929 as Sweet Peas. Leavin' You Baby was recorded with Henry "Red" Allen on trumpet, Luis Russell on piano, Charlie Holmes on sax and Will Johnson on guitar. Victoria also recorded with Allen and that's why Addie was called Sweet Peas to avoid confusion. It hasn't helped and that's why Addie's recordings turn up on Victoria Spivey CDs. A few years later, Addie recorded as Sweet Pease Spivey for Decca and Sweet Peas Spivey for Bluebird. And she also recorded as Hannah May. And one of the Spiveys recorded as Jane Lucas but we don't know which one. Fortunately, the folks at RST Records have put all of Addie's recordings on one CD along with Elton Spivey's recordings. This includes both takes of Leavin' You Baby. Sadly Addie Spivey died in 1943 at age 43. I have no details on her death. Here's a video of Leavin' You Baby by Addie "Sweet Pease" Spivey with Henry "Red" Allen.

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