Sunday, May 08, 2016

Big upset at Invicta FC 17

Invicta FC 17 was held last night at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, CA. It aired on UFC Fight Pass. Though there was one big upset, the main card was reflective of the poor matchmaking. It was about what I expected. The main event had Tonya Evinger successfully defending her Invicta Bantamweight Championship over Colleen Schneider. Tonya almost finished the fight in round one. I scored it 10-8. I thought she would finish it. But then Tonya got sick and she wasn't effective anymore. If Colleen had shown any offense, she could have won the fight. But she was terrible. Tonya slogged through the fight and won by unanimous decision. She proceeded to throw up in a bucket and then she kissed interviewer Laura Sanko on the lips. Ewwwww! The less said about this fight the better. In the other title fight, Livia Renata Souza lost the Invicta Strawweight Championship to Angela Hill. The other day, Livia said that she was given the choice to fighting either MIZUKI or Angela. And she chose Angela because she thought it was an easier fight. She went on a rant. So a red flag went up in my mind. Is she going to take her seriously? The fight started out OK for Livia as she controlled Angela on the ground in round one. But by round three, she tried to turn it into a kickboxing match and started mugging like Anderson Silva. It's the one thing she shouldn't have done because Angela can win a kickboxing match. So Angela won the next two rounds. So it came down to the judges scorecards. I scored it 48-47 for Livia. But the judges scored a split decision win for Angela. I didn't see anything from Angela that I hadn't seen before. But Livia stupidly handed her the fight on a silver platter. She needs to take any opponent seriously. Now for the rest of the card. Kickboxer Charmaine Tweet won over boxer Latoya Walker. These are Welterweights. Latoya was pounding Charmaine when Charmaine landed a spinning back fist for the TKO. Neither should be on the main card. After MIZUKI pulled out, Brazilian Kaline Medeiros beat Brazilian Aline Serio by a first round TKO. It's what I expected. Aline has been around for several years and she's just not a good fighter. She has no business in Invicta. Aussie Megan Anderson won by TKO over Amanda Bell. Megan is now training with UFC fighter James Krause in Missouri and that seems to be paying off. Amanda needs to learn defense because she gets KOd a lot. Christine Stanley won over Shannon Sinn by unanimous decision. I didn't care for the fight much. Both are older fighters who lack experience. There's not much upside to either of them. Rachael Ostovich won over Ariel Beck by split decision. I thought it was pretty close. It could have gone either way. And in the opener, Laura Howarth won over Alexa Connors by split decision. I scored it 30-27 for Alexa. The judges missed the boat. The show was about what I expected considering I hated the matchmaking. Here's hoping they do better next time.

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