Thursday, May 05, 2016

Holly Holm vs Valentina Shevchenko to main event July 23 UFC show

On last night's episode of UFC Tonight, several main card fights were announced for UFC on FOX 20 July 23 at the United Center in Chicago. The big surprise is that Holly Holm vs Valentina Shevchenko will main event this show. Two other big fights announced for this show were Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira and Edson Barbosa vs Gilbert Melendez. Right after the announcement, there was negative fan feedback on Twitter about Holly vs Valentina as a five round main event. Of course the kneejerk reaction is the complainers are sexist. But I also have reservations about Holly vs Valentina as a main event because it has the potential to be a five round light sparring snoozefest. Johnson vs Teixeira will probably be an explosive fight that won't go the distance anyway. It's more suitable as a main event. Maybe the UFC will come to their senses and change their minds. Holly Holm needs to prove that her win over Ronda Rousey wasn't a fluke. That was even part of the marketing of her unsuccessful title defense against Miesha Tate. "Nobody wants to be a one hit wonder." Instead she went into the cage and did nothing for four rounds. Miesha went along with this nonsense for three of the four rounds until she smartened up and choked Holly out in round five. Afterwards, Holly admitted she was too conservative. But has she learned her lesson? I would prefer to give her three rounds than five to find out. Valentina is a championship caliber kickboxer. But as we saw in her loss to Amanda Nunes, she needs to work on her ground game. Because this fight is boxer vs kickboxer, I expect it to be a five round kickboxing match. What if both of them are cautious for five rounds? What do you think that will be like? It could stink out the joint. That's why I don't think it should be the main event of this show.

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