Thursday, May 19, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Billy Idol

Artist:Billy Idol
Song:Cradle Of Love

Billy Idol's success in the 80s was based on his music videos in constant rotation in the early days of MTV. None of those songs were radio hits and it wasn't until later that he had a number one hit. The 1990 top five hit Cradle Of Love was Idol's final big hit. He was born William Broad Nov. 30, 1955 in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. I guess he wasn't a very good student because a teacher described him as "idle". Broad wanted to call himself Billy Idle but he didn't think he could because of Monty Python's Eric Idle so he chose Billy Idol. By 1976, Idol was part of the emerging London punk music scene as lead singer of Generation X. They had chart success in England but they split up in 1980 after recording three albums. Idol signed a solo deal with Chrysalis Records. He moved to New York and met guitarist Steve Stevens who would become his main collaborator through the 80s. Stevens also worked as a session musician. Other band members were bassist Phil Felt and drummer Gregg Gerson. Idol's producer for most of the 80s was Keith Forsey who was heavily influenced by Georgio Moroder. The 1981 EP Don't Stop included the Generation X song Dancing With Myself. When his 1982 full length debut Billy Idol was released, the video for White Wedding was played on MTV but the single did not chart. MTV asked for a new video and Chrysalis re-released Dancing With Myself and shot a new video. It played on MTV for six months but it didn't chart. Billy Idol was certified Platinum on the strength of the MTV exposure. His 1983 album Rebel Yell was Idol's biggest seller. And Eyes Without A Face in 1984 and To Be A Lover in 1986 were top ten pop hits. But it wasn't until Idol's remix of the Tommy James cover Mony Mony was released in 1987 that he scored a number one hit. It wasn't even a new recording. It was on Don't Stop. By this time, Stevens split with Idol to get into session work. Idol moved to Los Angeles and recorded the album Charmed Life. Cradle Of Love was featured in the 1989 film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane starring Andrew Dice Clay. The single reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. While recording the album, Idol was in a serious car wreck and he almost lost his leg. That's why he isn't seen much in the Cradle Of Love video. The original video featured scenes from Ford Fairlaine but Clay was banned from MTV. So they shot a video featuring Betsy Lynn George as a sexy teen but they had to tone that down for MTV. Idol's career went into decline after that through his own personal issues including drug abuse. He was also clashing with Chrysalis and he left in 1993. He wouldn't record again for a decade. But he did appear in the 2008 film The Wedding Singer and in 2000 he did a VH1 Behind The Music special. Idol and Stevens reunited in 2001 and they still tour. Idol's latest CD was released in 2014. You can get all of his 80s hits on this budget comp. Here's the video for Cradle Of Love by Billy Idol. This is the original version and it is not on Youtube.

Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love (1990) from RetroVidz on Vimeo.

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