Monday, October 20, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 9

With the WWE Total Divas season finale coming next week, a couple of major storylines have to be resolved. The first is the wedding of Eva Marie and Jonathan and the second is Nattie and TJ's marriage issues. BTW, Nattie admitted in an interview with SLAM Wrestling that the whole storyline is phony. So we begin with Nattie and Rosa Mendes buying cupcakes after working out. And we discover that driving is something else that Rosa is terrible at. We go to Eva Marie's parents house. And the big thing is her dad has cancer so having him at the wedding is a big deal to her. Then in Tampa, John Cena is away shooting his movie. So Nikki invites the girls over and Ariane says she would like a house like John Cena's. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that she and Vinny don't have that kind of money. Nikki will show her some houses. Next Nattie and TJ visit a divorce lawyer to see what would have to be done. Both are horrified when talk turns to dividing up their three cats. At lunch, Eva Marie tells the others about her dad's cancer. Later at RAW, Brie tells her if she needs someone to talk to, she'll be there for her. Eva Marie blows her off. She says she doesn't want to discuss it at work. They show the Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella contract signing. I really enjoyed the end of that segment. Ha ha ha. Nattie and TJ are living in separate rooms and he's wise cracking about splitting up and she starts crying. Nikki shows Ariane a house that is way out of her league. Bryan Danielson explains to Brie that she should let Eva Marie alone about her dad. And they decide to throw her a surprise bridal shower. Nikki shows Ariane another house. It's still too expensive but Ariane likes it enough to show it to Vinny. Nattie invites Trinity to come see her cats. But it turns into an argument and Nattie takes TJ's clothes out of the dryer and throws them on the front lawn. Vinny goes to see the house and almost has a fit when he finds out the price. He doesn't think they can afford it. So they meet with Nikki and they tell her the only way they can make it work is if she waives her commission. That ain't happening so it doesn't end well. Part of the problem is no one knows what Vinny does for a living or how much he makes. It ain't John Cena money. Ariane is offended when Nikki points that out. But she's right. Any real estate agent needs to know what they can afford. Jonathan flies in to Richmond, VA for RAW and The Bella Twins tell him about the bridal shower. He will help surprise Eva Marie. Then Ariane apologizes to Nikki for going overboard trying to buy a house they can't afford. So they aren't mad at each other anymore. Guess what? Another argument at TJ and Nattie's house. He says he's leaving because he's tired of arguing. The girls successfully surprise Eva Marie and Jonathan gives her a new engagement ring. Eva admits that she may have taken Brie asking about her dad the wrong way. And she talks to her mom about keeping her in the loop about her dad's health. She tells Eva to call him more often and that's what she does. Finally, TJ is at RAW for the first time in a long time. Remember he was off for a long time with an injury. Nattie starts a fight with him accusing him of trying to embarrass her. That's ridiculous and it makes her look foolish. This fight ends this episode and I'm sure there will be more on next week's season finale. Enjoy the video!
WWE Total Divas S03E09 2014-10-19 by watchwwelive

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