Monday, October 27, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 10

Before I review the "mid-season finale" of WWE Total Divas, last week the WWE announced that Total Divas will return on Jan. 4, 2015 and Alicia Fox and Paige have been added to the cast. Alicia has been in the WWE for a long time and Paige is the youngest Diva but she has a lot of wrestling experience. Of course this episode of WWE Total Divas has a wedding along with two other phony storylines. We begin in Portland, OR with Fandango asking Nattie Neidhart about her marital problems which she brought to work on last week's episode. Nattie talks to Nikki Bella and Nikki comes to the conclusion that maybe it's OK not to be married to John Cena. Next, Eva Marie is getting her wedding dress. She says her dress is sleek and sexy but it looks trashy. What kind of a wedding dress is that? Then Nikki tells Cena about her talk with Nattie and that she has accepted that they will never marry. At a photo shoot, Nattie tells Eva Marie that she doesn't want to sit with TJ at the wedding dinner. Eva tells her the seating plan can't be changed. The Bella Twins and Bryan Danielson go for coffee and Nikki tells Brie that she has accepted that she will never marry John Cena. Of course Brie doesn't accept this and that's OK. But later she recruits her family to confront Cena about this without telling Nikki. Mind your own damn business. And she would in real life. But not in a phony baloney reality show. I hated this storyline. It makes no sense. And her mom tries to convince her to stay out of it. But her brother agrees with her and they are going to confront Cena. We go to the site of the wedding in California wine country. Nattie and TJ are in separate rooms. The Bella Twins go to a winery. We get an unnecessary and lengthy wine commercial. And the twins get smashed. They bicker about Nikki's decision. While Eva Marie has her rehearsal, The Bella Twins are at dinner with Nattie and TJ. The twins are still drunk and Nattie and TJ still bicker. We finally have the wedding. Eva Marie is wearing a black wig because that's her real hair colour. I doubt they used a real minister because he called her Eva Marie which is not her real name. Afterwards, Nattie tries to rearrange the seating plan. Ariane tells her to have a cocktail and relax. Nattie's behaviour is very childish. Brie is still sticking her nose in Nikki's business. At the dinner, Nattie and TJ are at the same table after all. She's sitting next to her enemy Summer Rae and Summer jokes about it. In Phoenix, Brie, her brother JJ and mom meet with Cena and express their concerns. They tell him that if she won't marry Nikki, he should let her go. Remember Nikki doesn't know about this meeting. Cena says he was upfront with Nikki and didn't trick her. He is clearly pissed off but shows remarkable restraint in not going off on them. We don't see much restraint on this show. But he does give Nikki the option of leaving. And her answer is your cliffhanger for next season. Enjoy the video and see you in January!
WWE Total Divas 26/10/14 Season 3 Episode 10... by moneyinthebank2014

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