Saturday, October 25, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Marloes Coenen vs Annalisa Bucci

Here's the fight video of Marloes Coenen vs Annalisa Bucci from last night's Bellator show. They are going to launch a 145lb women's division in 2015 but I don't think there is much competition for Marloes. Bucci is an Italian kickboxer with a 7-3 MMA record. But as we see in this fight, she has no ground game. I got a good laugh from an interview Marloes did with MMA Junkie where she said she wanted a KO. So what does she do ten seconds into this fight? She takes Bucci down and most of the fight was on the ground. And that wasn't good for Bucci because she showed nothing on the ground even when she was on top. Marloes landed elbows from the bottom. Ref Big John McCarthy kept yelling at Bucci to do something. Of course Bucci had to respect Marloes because of her ability to hook a submission from any position. But there's such a thing as showing too much respect. She did nothing. Marloes kept trying for submissions until she finished with a rear naked choke early in round three. Meanwhile, Bellator commentators Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith tried to sell this as a tough match for Marloes and refused to label it as the mismatch that it was. Smith is usually more honest than that. When I watched Bucci fight on Youtube, I knew she would have nothing for Marloes. But she was even more timid than I thought she would be. The problem with 145lb is a lot of the fighters have dropped to 135 to try to get into the UFC. But Marloes doesn't want to do that and as a result the competition level at 145 is low. She'll be a big fish in a small pond. Enjoy the video!

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