Saturday, October 11, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Caterina Caselli

Artist:Caterina Caselli
Song:Sono Qui Con Voi

Normally Italian pop music is too melodramatic for me. But Caterina Caselli's adaptation of the Them hit Baby, Please Don't Go seems to have more in common with the French Ye Ye sound. And I love that stuff. Caterina had success in the 60s and then became a music exec in the 70s. She was born Apr. 10, 1946 in Modena, Italy. She quit school at age 13 and performed in the band Gil Amici while working a day job. She released an unsuccessful single in 1964. Then she signed with MGD in 1965 and dyed her hair blonde for a more contemporary look. Sono Qui Con Voi was reasonably successful. I think it's gritty for Italian pop music. And as I said, it reminds me of Ye Ye. Caterina established herself as a star in Italy when she sang Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare at the 1966 San Remo Song Festival. It topped the Italian charts for nine weeks in 1966. I think that record is more typical of Italian pop music so I like Sono Qui Con Voi better. But I think high profile of her San Remo appearance made a big difference in establishing her as a star in Italy. You can get both on this Rhino comp. Caterina was very successful in Italy for the remainder of the 60s. She made films and appeared on TV. There were unsuccessful attempts to sell Caterina outside Italy. And by the 70s, she married Sugar Music owner Filippo Nicola Sugar. Though Caterina has recorded occasionally, mostly she has discovered and produced artists for Sugar. Her best known discovery was singer Andrea Bocelli. Sugar Music is still around. Here's Caterina Caselli performing Sono Qui Con Voi in The Anna Moffo Show 1966. As usual when I write about this kind of music, many thanks to the Ready Steady Girls website for the Catrina Caselli bio.

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