Thursday, October 02, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 4

Here's the video for last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 20. The match on this episode has Carla Esparza of Team Pettis vs Angela Hill of Team Melendez. Carla is the #1 seed. They set up a possible upset on last week's teaser which made me think the exact opposite would happen. This episode begins with Urijah Faber filling in for Anthony Pettis for a couple of days. Of course the thing that comes with this is the girls making goo goo eyes at him. And Carla and her BFF Felice Herrig discuss this later on while sitting around the pool. Meanwhile, Heather Clark hurts her knee during training. This would give her something new to whine about and make her more annoying than she already is to the other girls. Angela Magana is very vocal. Most of the others try to ignore Heather. Next they talk about Justine Kish's difficulty making weight and her attempts have aggravated an old knee injury. This comes out of nowhere because up to now, Justine has had very little face time on the show. So obviously something is up with her. So will there be another upset this week? I didn't think so after Carla's talking head scenes. She wasn't cocky. She was concerned about ring rust because she last fought a year and a half ago. Carla has a bad habit of overthinking her strategy and that can get her into trouble sometimes. Angela's only hope was to keep the fight standing. But Carla takes her down early and wins with a rear naked choke. Angela may have a lot of kickboxing experience but she looked way out of her league against an accomplished wrestler like Carla. Next week's fight will have Felice Herrig of Team Pettis vs Heather Clark of Team Melendez. I think most fans are aware that these two hate each other. I will put off discussing that drama until next week. The tease is that someone is forced to go home due to injury. They didn't show any of next week's fight footage in the teaser so expect a major swerve. Enjoy the video!

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