Monday, October 20, 2014

Review of WWE Total divas season 3 episode 8

Again this week E! ran two episodes of WWE Total Divas and the season finale is next week. This episode has two stupid phony storylines. The third seems more plausible. The episode begins with The Bella Twins and Nattie Neidhart discussing the robbery at the Bryan Danielson household and how Danielson chased the robber down the street and put him in a rear naked choke. Then we go to their house and Mark Carrano calls to tell Brie that the two have been invited to the Teen Choice Awards. Not surprisingly, Danielson is not thrilled. But Brie is excited because usually she goes to these events with her sister. Obviously she wants a new dress. But he goes into her closet to show that she doesn't need a new dress. She tells him she can't go to this event wearing a dress she has already worn. He doesn't agree but she's right. It comes with the celebrity territory. And this is the one story that I think is real. Next we go to Eva Marie and Jonathan who are packing to move back to California to be close to family. They decide to do a road trip with Ariane and Vinny. Remember last year's road trip? Me too. This baloney was recycled by the producers. So Rosa Mendes is still looking for the perfect guy and she goes out on a date with a guy at some trampoline place complete with her huge fake boobs. Ugh! The problem with him is he's too young and he's a Christian so he wants to save himself for marriage. She can't wait that long. Eva Marie and Ariane pick up a trailer for their stuff. But I guess the producers thought it would be funny if Eva Marie had trouble driving with the trailer attached. She wrecked it and a new trailer was acquired for the trip. Next we go to The Bella Twins taking their mom out for her 50th birthday. When Brie pays for it, she gets a call from Danielson asking what she is up to. Apparently he gets a text from the bank when her spending exceeds a certain amount. I'm not surprised he's thrifty. How do you think he survived for ten years working for indy wrestling companies? Then we go to RAW in Cleveland and Summer Rae has football player Gary Barnidge backstage. She didn't tell Rosa she was dating him after last week's split. Though she didn't have to tell Rosa about it, she probably should have told her. This is the sort of thing that get Summer in trouble with the other girls. Rosa is pissed and she's a mental case anyway. So the road trip begins. And the big problem is that Jonathan has drawn up a schedule. They have to be in San Antonio for the next RAW. Big mistake and it causes conflict when they fall behind schedule. They're already behind because Vinny's flight from Los Angeles is delayed. Then Brie buys a dress for the Teen Choice Awards but she gets Nikki to pay for it so Danielson doesn't know. As part of the road trip, they stop at a tractor museum. Huh? It reminded me of last week's ostrich farm. It's the kind of stupidity that reality show producers cook up that is just stupid. Jonathan is stressing out. The Bella Twins go for coffee and Danielson calls after Brie pays for it. "Why are you spending $22 on coffee?". Because the road trip is behind schedule, they will have to stop in Mobile, AL. Apparently there are conventions in town because all the hotels are full. So they end up stopping at what appears to be a haunted house with one bed. More dumb stuff cooked up by the producers. Rosa goes out with a guy because she saw his abs on Instagram. Just stupid. And that goes double for the road trip at the house scenes. And the producers play spooky music in the background. Ugh! Brie shows her new dress to Danielson and she tells him what she did and why. He doesn't agree. They go to the Teen Choice Awards and he's not crazy about it but she is excited to be there with him. Afterwards, he admitted that she was right about buying a new dress for this. He will lighten up. Rosa takes Nattie to a lesbian bar. Nattie leaves but Rosa hooks up and stays out all night. As expected, the road trip ends with a four way argument. When they arrive in San Antonio, Eva Marie and Jonathan decide to end the road trip and ship their stuff to LA. In the final scene, Nattie wants to know why Rosa was out all night. Rosa says she swings both ways and had a great time with her one night stand. Grandma Nattie is befuddled but she tells her it's OK but she is concerned about a relapse. On to the next episode. Enjoy the video!
WWE Total Divas S03E08 2014-10-19 by watchwwelive

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