Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 5

After two weeks off, The Ultimate Fighter 20 returned last night. The featured bout was Felice Herrig of Team Pettis vs Heather Jo Clark of Team Melendez. In Canada, the show was pre-empted by NHL hockey and aired at 1AM. I PVRd it and watched it this morning. And of course I am posting the video. On a side note, there are rumours that the UFC will leave Rogers Sportsnet for TSN in 2015. When asked about this recently when the UFC was in Halifax, UFC Canada president Tom Wright said there would be an announcement shortly. With all the money Rogers has spent on the NHL and the WWE, they don't have room for the UFC. So this episode began with the announcement that Justine Kish would need knee surgery and would be forced to drop out of TUF. UFC president Dana White decides to give Tecia Torres a second chance and she switched to Team Pettis. This did not go over well with Gilbert Melendez or Team Melendez. But as White explained, the teams are just a means to an end and it's still an individual sport. But the Team Pettis girls are not likely to be very helpful to Tecia. As we saw in the last episode, Heather hurt her knee and was driving her teammates crazy whining about it. Angela Magana was very vocal. Her dislike of Heather goes back to a failed reality show called Ultimate Women Challenge that was filmed but was never completed. In fact, some of the girls who were on that show sued the producers. Felice says she doesn't know how her beef with Heather began. It actually began on Twitter. Heather thought Felice was trying to duck her. And she also doesn't like the way Felice markets herself. I think Felice should teach marketing to other female fighters because some need help. They did fight in Bellator and Felice won after Heather broke her arm in the second round. I thought Heather won the first round. So obviously Heather wants revenge. She seems to have a lot of confidence in her pre-fight talking head shots. Felice expresses doubts and fear and says she tends to do that routinely before fights. But fear is a great motivator. I don't think either fighter is a title contender but their beef is attractive to the producers. I will say Felice looked more ripped than usual. I thought the first round was very close. Heather got a standing guillotine. But she made a mistake by sticking with that instead of transitioning to something more effective. Felice got a takedown but didn't advance her position. Heather reversed but Felice attempted an armbar from the bottom. Then Felice got on top again and I would score the round 10-9 for Felice based on that late round move. Felice easily won round two so she got the win. Afterwards, Heather apologized to Felice for judging her. But last night they appeared on Tuf Talk with Karyn Bryant and Felice didn't buy Heather's apology. She also doesn't care for Heather's post loss excuses. You can even see a marked contrast in the clothes they wear on the show. I have included that video as well. Next week, Aisling Daly of Team Pettis will face Angela Magana of Team Melendez. Enjoy the videos!

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