Monday, October 06, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 5

Here's the video of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 5. I guess the way to describe this episode is contrived reality. I believe that all three storylines are reality based. But the producers have deliberately left out details so they can neatly tie up the stories during this episode. First, the Nattie Neidhart and TJ Wilson cliffhanger from last week will conclude on next week's episode. Why would they do a cliffhanger and not deal with it immediately? I assume it needed more time than they could give it this week. This episode begins with yet another useless scene of The Bella Twins bickering about whether a seal is a fish or a mammal. Obviously the producers think their constant bickering is funny when it's just stupid. Then we go to Phoenix for the first of three major storylines. This is about Bryan Danielson's reluctance to have a second surgery despite medical advice to the contrary. First he will try acupuncture. I had acupuncture in 2005 and it worked for me. But it doesn't work for everyone. It's hit and miss. Next we go to Orlando where Jonathan tries to convince wife Eva Marie that they need a gun for home protection. Of course she's against it but he suggests they go to a shooting range before she makes up her mind. What the producers fail to mention is that Jonathan grew up with guns in the house so he knows how to handle them. They reveal this later but it should have been revealed up front. Next we get the obligatory John Cena appearance talking with Nikki about Danielson's injury. But Cena gives an important counterpoint to Danielson's reluctance to have surgery because Cena has had that surgery. Back to Orlando where Ariane Andrew aka Cameron has been training at NXT and has lunch with Eva Marie. Remember when these two hated each other? They are buddies now. Ariane gets a call from her mom who tells her that Ariane's 15 year old brother Quintin is hanging around with a bad crowd and not answering his phone when mom calls. She goes home to Los Angeles to try to straighten him out. The problem with this storyline is the producers don't give enough background. This is because they want to do this story but they don't want to prolong it past this episode. Then we are shown Brie's return to TV. Eva Marie and Jonathan's trip to the shooting range doesn't change her mind. Danielson and Brie are having lunch when he drops his fork. This alarms Brie but he still doesn't want more surgery. Ariane goes home to talk to her mom and she and boyfriend Vinny search for Quintin. Back to Phoenix and Brie convinces Danielson he should see WWE doctor Chris Amman. Ariane finds Quinton but he's not listening. So she says a friend put her in touch with a former gang member who will scare Quintin. I'm sure the show producers were responsible for this. Eva Marie gets home and finds that Jonathan has bought a gun without clearing it with her. Then Danielson goes to see Dr. Amman and not surprisingly, he recommends a second surgery. Danielson gives his big promo at Money In The Bank and he tells Brie that he won't have surgery. And he hasn't because we would know it. But he hasn't returned either. Then we get the Scared Straight talk from the ex-gang members and it seems to have some effect on Quintin. He apologizes to his mom. Eva Marie and Jonathan discuss the gun. He apologizes for not discussing it with her. But he didn't say he would get rid of the gun. Expect more drama over this. And of course there will be more about Bryan Danielson's injury. I'll tell you one thing. These people sure go out to eat a lot. Next week is Eva Marie's bachelorette party and more about Nattie and TJ. Enjoy the video.
WWE Total Divas S03E05 2014-10-05 by watchwwelive

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