Monday, October 13, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 6

Last night E! ran two episodes of WWE Total Divas. I'm going to review them separately and of course post the videos. The subject of this episode is Eva Marie's bachelorette party. This episode begins with the usual Bella Twins stupidity until Nikki Bella's boyfriend John Cena shows up. They make fun of some guy eating avocado. These stupid scenes are useless. I wish the producers would knock it off. Ariane Andrew returns to WWE TV after supposedly taking time to train at NXT. Or that's what they are trying to sell the viewer. I don't believe she actually went to NXT for any length of time. They've given her a heel gimmick where she applies makeup while in the ring. She's still a terrible wrestler. Most of the girls and their men have been invited to Eva Marie's bachelorette party in Curacao. John Cena and Bryan Danielson can't go so The Bella Twins are going together. Nattie Neidhart and husband TJ Wilson are also going. Nattie hopes to fix their relationship. She moves back into the house. Ariane and Vinnie are also going but he wants to move to a larger place. Now we go to Curacao. Brie Bella's luggage is lost which will play into a later storyline. In Nattie and TJ's room, they can hear somebody (probably Eva Marie and Jonathan) having loud sex. So they decide to make phony sex noises but they don't have sex. The next morning, Nattie lies about this to the others. Yet another brilliant scene cooked up by the producers. After some cliff diving, Nikki is trying to get Brie to loosen up and have fun. But all Brie wants to do is buy stuff for her house. TJ thinks the best way to connect with Nattie is to take her to an ostrich farm. But he didn't want to have sex last night. Uh huh. Because she lost her luggage, Brie has to wear Nikki's clothes. So of course her boobs don't fit. So we get a series of jokes about this. Nikki wants Brie to get drunk. But apparently hubby Bryan doesn't want her to get drunk so she doesn't. They go for a massage but all Brie wants to talk about is her house. They go on a cruise and the girls wear red wigs to honour Eva Marie. On the way to dinner, Vinnie is frustrated with Ariane because of course he wants to get married and she doesn't. But she does agree to hire Nikki to help them find a new house. The Bella Twins continue to argue about Brie Mode. Nattie explains her relationship problems to Eva Marie. The Bella Twins talk about how marriage has changed Brie. Problem resolved...for now. Enjoy the video. Second episode coming right up.
WWE total divas Season 3 episode 6 by kostasT1996

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