Monday, October 27, 2014

After her win, Satoko Shinashi calls out Korean idol fighter Ga Yeon Song

Ga Yeon Song
Not surprisingly, Satoko Shinashi easily won her fight over 15 year old Korean kickboxer Ye Jin Jung on yesterday's DEEP show. It was over in about a minute of round one via TKO. Some fans asked me about the morality of a 15 year old fighter. There is no real age limit outside North America. Remember MIZUKI made her pro MMA debut at 16 years old and she was kickboxing before that. And there are pre-teen female kickboxers in Thailand. But Jung had no prior MMA experience so I thought she was ill prepared for someone as experienced as Shinashi. What was interesting is that after the fight, Shinashi called out the "Korean idol fighter" to meet her at the DEEP New Year's Eve show. She's talking about 19 year old singer/actress/fighter Ga Yeon Song. This call out was no doubt prompted by DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki who needs a lot of matches for the New Year's Eve show. Ga Yeon Song won her debut fight over Emi Yamamoto on the Aug. 17 ROAD FC show. You can check out the video of the fight below. Song wins easily but Yamamoto is 33 years old making her MMA debut. She trains at Mori Dojo in Yamaguchi owned by journeyman fighter Akihiko Mori who has also fought for ROAD FC. The big deal in Korea about Song is she was on the Korean reality show Roommates which is about a singing group. She has been martial arts training since she was a child but got more serious about it in the last couple of years. ROAD FC owner Jung Moon Hong saw her at an amateur event and thought she was too beautiful to be a fighter. He was surprised to learn her martial arts background. At first he hired her as a ring girl. But then she left Roommates earlier this year to concentrate on MMA. They have given her the nickname The Deadly Beauty. And though I agree that she needs to fight better competition, I think ROAD FC would be making a huge mistake allowing her to fight someone as experienced as Satoko Shinashi. She would be in way over her head. But I'm not surprised that Saeki wants her. He likes idol fighters. And I guess he thinks if he makes a big deal about it, Hong won't be able to resist. Check out her fight video for yourself.

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