Monday, October 13, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 7

In this episode of WWE Total Divas, we have major relationship conflict on three fronts. The episode begins with Nattie Neidhart and Rosa Mendes driving to the arena and there's a noise from the back seat. It's Rosa's vibrator which she claimed she used that morning. Grandma Nattie is horrified. Nikki Bella and boyfriend John Cena are going to the premiere of a film The Bella Twins made while they were away from the WWE. It's called Confessions of a Womanizer. They showed a couple of scenes and it looks like direct to DVD fodder. Don't give up your day jobs girls. Rosa tells Nattie that she wants a serious relationship with a guy. She's on the hunt. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting for husbands. At Nikki's film premiere, the discussion turns to doing sex scenes in movies. Cena brings this up because he recently filmed a sex scene for the film Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer and written and produced by Judd Apatow. This film will be released June 2015. But he didn't tell Nikki about it. After a scene where Trinity suggests that Nattie should take TJ to marriage counseling, Cena and Nikki discuss Trainwreck. He reveals that he took part in a comedic sex scene. We discover quickly why he didn't tell her about it. She overreacts and claims that she is upset mostly because he didn't discuss it with her. She is full of crap and Cena knows it. The scene ends with Cena saying "Maybe I'm not with the right woman". He tells her she is insecure...which is true. As he explains, this is business. It's on a movie set. The WWE is in Cleveland and Rosa Mendes goes on a date with Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge. Yes, he's a real football player. The date goes fine. More about this soon. Nikki's mom and brother visit her in Tampa. When she tells them about Cena's sex scene, mom says "It comes with the business". So they think she has gone overboard too. Nattie and TJ go to the marriage counselor. I don't think it helps much and later on, TJ refuses to go again. She thinks one thing that could help is to give him a new WWE character. So they go to NXT to discuss it with the writers. Then we go to the RAW in Cleveland where Stephanie McMahon accepted her SummerSlam match with Brie Bella. Rosa takes Barnidge backstage and we find out he has met Summer Rae before. He used to play for the Carolina Panthers and she's from North Carolina. And she played in the Lingerie Football League. Guess where this is leading. When Nikki asks a couple of the girls about the sex scene, of course Grandma Nattie agrees with her. Now we know for sure she's wrong. Finally Brie plays amateur psychologist and tells Nikki she's insecure because of her past relationships. Thank you Dr. Freud. Speaking of which, TJ tells Nattie he won't go to the therapist again and she's creating problems out of nothing. Well, that could be the show producers. Rosa goes on a second date with Barnidge. The moment she tells him she wants a serious relationship, he asks for the cheque. Well, that's how it was edited. Guess who he turns to. Summer Rae, of course. More about this next week. Nattie goes to a WWE event in New York City and goes to dinner with WWE Wrestler Darren Young who is gay. When a paparazzi asks her about TJ, she says "We're not divorced yet". Young rolls his eyes. Finally Nikki and Cena make up. They both apologize and everything is hunky dory...until next time. We see Summer Rae on her date with Barnidge. Wait until Rosa finds out. In the final scene, TJ confronts Nattie about her divorce comment. Does she want a divorce? More drama to come next week. Enjoy the video!
WWE total divas season 3 episode 7 by kostasT1996

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