Wednesday, October 08, 2014

DEEP JEWELS adds low card filler matches to Nov. 3 show

Naomi Taniyama, Yukiko Seki
DEEP JEWELS has added a couple of matches to it's Nov. 3 show at Shinjuku FACE. This show will air on UStream iPPV and the main event will be Ham Seo Hee defending her DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship against Saori Ishioka. Both are Featherweight matches scheduled for two five minute rounds. The first match will have veteran Yukiko Seki facing Naomi Taniyama. Seki is 43 years old with a record of 12-24. She trains at FightChix. On the last DEEP JEWELS show, she lost a grappling match to Saori Ishioka and Ishioka isn't much of a grappler. Taniyama is 1-2 and trains at WK Hearts. She was trained by DEEP fighter Kenji Osawa. Her last fight was a win over Yuko Kawabata on the May 18 DEEP JEWELS show. Kawabata is now 0-6. This match is being sold as the grizzled veteran against the cute rookie. DEEP JEWELS wants to find out if Taniyama is any good because she has the looks to get traction there. The other fight will have Brittany Decker or Brito as she is called facing Chinese fighter Pan Hui. Brittany trains at WK Hearts. She lost her pro MMA debut to Tomo Maesawa on the May 18 DEEP JEWELS show at 52kg and she is dropping to 48kg for this fight. Pan Hui is from China but she was trained in Tokyo at Reversal ALPHA by current UFC fighter Masanori Kanehara. The press release says she's a striker. I saw a picture of her. She looks old. I don't expect much from either fight as they will be on the lower end of the card.

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