Friday, August 10, 2012

VV Mei added to Girls S-Cup

Namtan Por Munagpetch, VV Mei
SHOOT BOXING have added two more fighters to the Girls S-Cup Aug. 25 at Yamano Hall. They have also added one non tournament match. Already announced is RENA, Erika Kamimura, Korean Ham Seo Hee, Ukranian Lena Ovchinnikova and Dutch kickboxer Lorena Klijn. For the third year in a row, V V Mei will appear in the tournament. As an MMA fighter, she is a former VALKYRIE champ and is looking for a shot at Ayaka Hamasaki's JEWELS Lightweight Championship after beating Emi Tomimatsu recently. But she hasn't had much luck in this tournament. Also added is 17 year old Thai kickboxer Namtan Por Munagpetch. She is known in Thailand as Supernova Girl. She is currently the WMC Muay Thai World Flyweight Champion. She also won the Prince Cup tournament in Thailand January 25. My observation is that gaijin kickboxers like this don't do well at SHOOT BOXING. So they have one more fighter to be added to this tournament. In a match contracted for 53.5kg, Rio Kamikaze will face Seira Aragaki. This is being sold as "college student idol" vs schoolgirl. You may recall Kamikaze recently lost to Ai Takahashi on a SHOOT BOXING show. She's a college student who does modelling and dabbles in kickboxing. Arakagi is a 15 year old J-Girls kickboxer. She was an under 15 J-Girls Mini Flyweight Champ and also was a champ for M-1. She won a SHOOT BOXING match on the recent JEWELS show. It was also announced that Shoot Boxer Mina will be on the show. Her opponent will be announced shortly.

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  1. I noticed that quite a few of the boxers in the Olympics are quite young too. Amazing how they managed to keep up, and beat, the world's best!