Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rin Nakai vs Ultra Benkei set for Sept. 1 PANCRASE show

Rin Nakai
PANCRASE held a press conference today to announce the first match in their Athena Bantamweight Championship tournament. Rin Nakai will face Ultra Benkei on the Sept. 1 Differ Ariake show. PANCRASE owner Masakazu Sakai says there will be four fighters in the tournament and the second match will be in October or November. Then the final will be early 2013. He claims he is bringing over a couple of gaijin fighters but it doesn't seem like he has things firmed up yet. Money shouldn't be a problem. Companies like Shooto and Krush are making deals with Sakai. This guy is loaded. The other big news is that last month Rin Nakai moved from her home in the northern Japan island of Shikoku to Tokyo and is now training at PANCRASE. So she now belongs to what is being called Venus Pancrase. Rin said on her blog that she likes the name Venus because it is a symbol of glamour and sex symbols like Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. Uh huh. Rin's record is 11-0-1 and her last win was over Kyoko Kimura on the May 20 PANCRASE show in Okinawa. Ultra Benkei is the veteran fighter formerly known as Super Benkei. Her real name is Mayumi Aoki. Her record is 6-8 and her last fight was a win over Keiko Tomita on the May 26 JEWELS show. She has had a lot of success with J-Girls kickboxing and is currently their Featherweight champ. Rin won over Ultra Benkei Sept. 26, 2010 VALKYRIE show. So a bit of a delay tactic to give Sakai time to sign two more fighters.

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