Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Madison Rayne is the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Here is the match video from Sunday's TNA PPV with Madison Rayne winning the TNA Knockouts Championship from Miss Tessmacher. One of the key characteristics of TNA is their seeming inability to recognize when an angle is lame or is ineffective. Sometimes they should know when to ditch an angle. The current Claire Lynch angle is a good example. Anyone can see how bad the angle is except TNA management. The Knockouts division has been saddled with these kind of lame angles since Scott D'Amore left a few years ago. So with this particular match there are two different problems. I don't care how much Brooke Adams has improved her wrestling. She is way too green to be a champ. And they built her up way too quickly. Maybe she could have been built up in a year or two. But TNA did it in two months. It doesn't work and that she has to continue to defend TNA booking her as champ in interviews confirms that. Then they started doing this silliness with Madison Rayne and veteran ref Earl Hebner. And of course Hebner's infatuation with Madison is how she got this title shot. Of course the obvious solution to this problem is use another ref. But that just shows how lunkheaded the angle is. Also, Earl's acting is terrible. He's been around long enough to know that the angle is stupid. So obviously the angle should have been ditched but historically TNA just doesn't recognize these kind of problems. And none of the workers will tell them how stupid it is. They're not idiots. The idiots are in TNA management. The match itself is about what one would expect from two mediocre wrestlers. Neither should be on a PPV. And of course Hebner got involved in the ending and Madison is the new TNA Knockouts Champion. Of course the next step is now that she has the belt, Madison ditches Earl. It's all crap. Check out the video.

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