Monday, August 27, 2012

Sarah Kaufman vs Kaitlin Young added to Oct. 6 Invicta show

Sarah Kaufman
Invicta FC announced today that former Strikeforce champ Sarah Kaufman will face Kaitlin Young on their Oct. 6 show in Kansas City. The fight is a good addition to the show because both fighters are recognizable names who have been on TV and have topped cards in the past. But is it challenging matchmaking? Not really. I guess it's OK if you want to see three rounds of kickboxing. Have you ever seen either of these fighters go for a takedown? Neither have I. It was less than two weeks ago that Sarah was smoked by Ronda Rousey. And though she won her previous fight, Alexis Davis exposed her lack of any kind of ground game. That's something she needs to address but that won't happen in this fight. The truth is Sarah has jiu jitsu skills but she doesn't use them and that has become a serious flaw in her fighting style. She needs to be more comfortable on the ground to elevate her whole game. Kaitlin is more kickboxer than MMA fighter and is a long way from her Hook 'n' Shoot win several years ago. In her last fight, she was overpowered by ground and pound specialist Liz Carmouche. She has acknowledged her lack of any kind of ground game but has yet to address it in a meaningful way in any of her fights. Before her draw against Leslie Smith (another kickboxer), she said she would do more on the ground but she didn't. So unless one of these fighters does something neither has done in the past, this will be three rounds of kickboxing to a decision. I don't think this fight takes either of them out of their comfort zone.

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