Friday, August 31, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Justo Betancourt

Artist:Justo Betancourt
Song:Pa Bravo Yo
Album:Pa Bravo Yo

Justo Betancourt was a very popular salsa singer in the 70s. Pa Bravo Yo was his biggest hit in 1972 and it's also his signature song. He faded in the 80s but returned in the 90s. He's not as active today because of health problems. He was born Dec. 6, 1940 in La Marina, Matanzas, Cuba. He sang as a child and at age 16 he was a member of the popular group Guaguanco Matancero. He went solo in 1958. Betancourt left Cuba in 1964 and moved to New York City. He worked for Orlando Marin for two years and was lead singer on his 1967 hit Esta En Algo. He also worked with bandleader Johnny Pacheco, Sonora Matancera, Eddie Palmieri and Ray Barretto among others. Betancourt signed with the Latin music label Fania Records. He recorded a couple of albums but really hit the spot with Pa Bravo Yo in 1972. The album was produced by Larry Harlow and arranged by Javier Vasquez. Both guys worked on a lot of Fania recordings. Betancourt is a very instinctual singer and he's a lot of fun to listen to. Fania released the Pa Bravo Yo album on CD in 1992 and it is still available. Betancourt moved to Puerto Rico in 1972. And though he remained popular through the 70s with his group Borincuba, one of his featured singers Tito Rojas went solo and eclipsed Betancourt's popularity. Also Betancourt was known for his bad temper and that made him hard to work with. In the 80s, Betancourt was lead singer of Puerto Rican Power. He recorded solo on his own label in the 90s. Justo Betancourt suffers from diabetes and poor health in recent years has limited his activities. I think Latin music fans will enjoy Justo Betancourt. Here's Justo Betancourt with Johnny Pacheco's orchestra performing Pa Bravo Yo probably in the 70s.

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