Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ronda Rousey adds another arm to her collection

For those who haven't seen it, here is the complete video of Ronda Rousey successfully defending her Strikeforce 135lb Women's Championship over Sarah Kaufman. This video includes the introductions and Ronda's awesome post match promo. I like Sarah Kaufman. I interviewed her years ago before any of you knew who she was. But if you watch her body language while she is being introduced and then watch the match, she is clearly ill prepared for this fight. Did her trainers Adam Zugec and Greg Jackson seriously believe that Sarah's normal fighting style would be good enough to hold someone as quick as Ronda at bay? That's crazy. Sarah didn't even throw a punch. Ronda tagged her with an overhand right and then immediately went for the takedown. That was the beginning of the end. It's over in 54 seconds. Sarah didn't know what hit her. On Thursday, I guess Ronda was bored during the press conference and cut this hilarious promo about death and dismemberment clearly designed to get an outraged reaction from idiots. But the one interesting thing she said was that she fights as though her baby sister's life depends upon her winning. That is a level of intensity rarely seen in MMA. And you can see that intensity while she is being introduced. I have said before that Ronda's quickness and fight skills are comparable to the legendary Megumi Fujii. But I have never seen Megumi display that kind of intensity. Of course that would go against Japanese instincts. After the match, Ronda cut an awesome promo on Cris Cyborg. She told Cris that she has to fight Ronda at 135lb. Ronda is the champ and she dictates the terms. Of course Cris is under suspension but has been actively campaigning for the fight to be at 145lb. I don't know if it will be Ronda's next fight but it will happen in 2013 at 135lb. Last night, Cyborg threatened on Twitter to ask for her Strikeforce release and go elsewhere. But they won't release her. They will give her a choice. Take the fight at 135 or sit and do nothing. She'll take the fight. But I suggest Zuffa test her for drugs regularly to make sure she is clean. I don't know if Cris can make 135 and I don't know how she will fight at that weight. We'll find out. She may be just another arm to add to Ronda's collection. Enjoy the video!

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