Friday, August 03, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Stefie Shock

Artist:Stefie Shock
Song:Un Homme a la Mer
Album:Le Decor

Steffi Shock is the stage name for French Canadian singer songwriter Stephane Caron. He has had some success in Quebec and France but is otherwise unknown. He was born Mar. 9, 1969 in Montreal. His musical idol growing up was legendary French singer songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, known as the dirty old man of the music scene in France. I have mentioned Gainsbourg occasionally but haven't featured him yet. Caron's singing sounds a lot like Gainsbourg. Caron played in rock bands as a teen and then was a DJ at a Montreal club for seven years. This got him into experimenting in different types of music. Producer Alain Dupuis convinced Caron to record his own music and the 2000 CD Presque Nen was recorded in England. Un Homme a la Mer is from his 2003 CD Le Decor and that CD got him enough attention that WEA International picked it up in Europe. It appears his last CD of new music was released in 2006. He has recently released demo and remix CDs. I'm not sure if he is still active as a recording artist. His website is under construction so that's not a good sign. He may have gone back to DJ and production work. Steffi Shock's CD Le Decor is worth checking out for those open to foreign language music. Here's the video for Un Homme a la Mer by Steffi Shock.

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