Friday, August 10, 2012

Ronda Rousey on Conan

Here is the complete video of Ronda Rousey on Conan. I've been asked about this by fans outside the US. The clips posted by the production company are geo blocked. And The Comedy Network in Canada only posts full episodes, not individual segments. Ronda is getting flak for her comments about sex before fighting. People, she was making a joke. She's on a talk show hosted by a comedian. Get a grip! She should have told Conan that applying an armbar is like grabbing a turkey leg. She said that at TMZ and the staff reaction was pretty funny. It's funny seeing Ronda in a dress like that. But as Conan said, the arms tell a different story. So this clip is for all my readers outside the US. Enjoy!
Ronda Full Segment by pegsonmma

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