Monday, August 20, 2012

Brackets set for Girls S-Cup

Kim Townsend
SHOOT BOXING announced today the brackets for the 2012 Girls S-Cup to be held Aug. 25 at Yamano Hall. The eighth fighter added to the tournament is Aussie kickboxer Kim Townsend. Kim is from Perth, Australia and is the current WKN Australian and South Pacific Flyweight Champion. Here are the brackets. RENA will face Kim Townsend. Ham Seo Hee will face Lena Ovchynnikova. VV Mei will face Namtan Por Munagpetch. Erika Kamimura will face Lorena Klijn. In the semis, the RENA/Kim winner will face the Ham/Lena winner. The VVMei/Namtan winner will face the Erika/Lorena winner. Normally one might think that these brackets would lead to RENA vs Erika Kamimura. And I'm sure that's what SHOOT BOXING owner Takeshi Caesar wants. But the wild card is that RENA is not even close to being fully recovered from her foot surgery and shouldn't be participating. There is no way of knowing how that will affect this tournament. And don't forget Ai Takahashi will face MIZUKI in the finals of Girls S-Cup 53.5. What if they were in the main tournament as they should be. Personally, I would like to see MIZUKI face Erika Kamimura in kickboxing. That would be money. I didn't think that doing a second tournament made sense in April. It makes even less sense now.

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