Sunday, August 26, 2012

RENA wins Girls S-Cup for the third time

SHOOT BOXING held the 2012 Girls S-Cup yesterday at Yamano Hall. For those who have never seen SHOOT BOXING, it's a mix of kickboxing and MMA elements but only standing. So if a fighter gets thrown to the floor, she's supposed to get a point awarded at the ref's discretion but it doesn't continue on the ground. He stands them up. For that reason, it's a product that doesn't have a natural flow the way kickboxing or MMA has. This leads to too much ref involvement. What if the ref is incompetent or corrupt? The judging can be a problem too. Most fights go to a decision. A stoppage is very unusual. If the fight is tied after three rounds, it goes extra rounds until there is a winner. Of course this doesn't help with the natural flow. I have no problem with the occasional tie match. But on this show, six of the twelve fights went extra rounds. What the hell is that? It's just weird. And isn't it interesting that after all this, SB's golden girl RENA won the Girls S-Cup for the third time. How convenient. And her sister MIO won her tournament as expected. BTW, I understand they aren't really sisters. SB owner Takeshi Caesar has cooked up a pro wrestling style marketing plan for them. So what happened to Erika Kamimura? It looked like Caesar may have sandbagged her to prevent a RENA vs Erika rematch. I think he would prefer to do that later in RISE. Her first round opponent Lorena Klijn is much bigger than Erika and also missed weight. Even with that, the fight was a tie and Lorena won the extra round. In other first round matches, RENA beat Kim Townsend by decision, Ham Seo Hee beat Lisa Ellis by decision and VV Mei beat Namtam Por Munagpetch after a fourth round. In the JKS48 tournament, MIO beat Yusa Tachi by decision and ENEOS beat Naoko Otsuka after a fourth round. In a non tournament match, Rio Kamikaze beat Seira Aeagaki by decision. In the semi finals, RENA beat Ham Seo Hee after an extension round and VV Mei beat Lorena Klijn after an extension. Apparently this was the best match on the show but some fans thought Lorena was robbed. Then MIO won the JKS48 tournament with a TKO win over Eneos. In the Girls S-Cup 53.5 final, Ai Takahashi vs MIZUKI was tied after five rounds and MIZUKI won after the extension round. It's just ridiculous that after five rounds, the judges can't make a decision. If this happened here, they would be run out of town. It's not acceptable. Then RENA won the Girls S-Cup final over VV Mei by decision. At least they could decide that one. The bottom line is that Caesar got the desired results even if it seems manipulative.


  1. What were the weights recoded for Kamimura and Klijn? For all the fighters for that matter?

  2. The tournament was at 48kg and Klijn missed weight. It was also well known that Erika would not do any throws.