Monday, December 31, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Marloes Coenen vs Fiona Muxlow

Here's the match video for Marloes Coenen vs Fiona Muxlow from today's DREAM show at Saitama Super Arena. Those dopes at DREAM scheduled this fight for two rounds and all the other matches were three rounds. That's very disrespectful to women's MMA especially a decorated veteran like Marloes. She was only on the show because of her ties to GLORY. Not that I expected it to go the distance. Aussie Fiona Muxlow has never faced anyone as accomplished as Marloes. Marloes has way too many tricks up her sleeve. After Marloes battered Fiona with knees in the Muay Thai clinch, it went to the ground. As Fiona found out, Marloes is very dangerous on the bottom and is willing to eat a few punches to get that armbar. And that's how it ended. So an easy win for Marloes. If Dana White is looking for a credible challenger for Ronda Rousey, He doesn't have to look any farther than Marloes Coenen. Enjoy the video!

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