Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Felice Herrig vs Patricia Vidonic

Here's the match video of Felice Herrig vs Patricia Vidonic from last night's Bellator show. This fight was geo blocked and fans outside North America couldn't watch it live. Felice's original opponent was supposed to be Michele Gutierrez. Apparently they have some sort of personal beef. I dunno. MMA is tough enough without making it personal. A couple of weeks ago, Michele announced that she would have to back out because of a hand injury. but some subterfuge revealed that the real reason for pulling out was she was not going to be able to make 115lb. Not surprised because Michele normally fights at 125. So Patricia stepped in. Felice beat her a few months ago. Patricia missed weight so the fight was at a 118lb catchweight. Before the fight, they both talked about finishing the fight. I figured it would go to a decision. Neither fighter is much of a finisher. Somebody asked me about that last night. My criteria is at least 3/4 of a fighter's wins have to have to finish early to be considered a good finisher. With these two, the majority of their fights have gone the distance. All fighters talk about finishing but a lot can't do it. Patricia tried to be aggressive at the start of the fight. But Felice exhibited excellent defense and then took Patricia down for some ground and pound. That was this fight in a nutshell. Even when Patricia got on top in round three, she was ineffective. Felice won by unanimous decision. I scored it 30-27 for Felice. Felice has improved a lot since joining Jeff Curran's camp a couple of years ago. To become a more complete fighter, I think she needs to work on her grappling. Maybe with improved grappling, she can get a finish. She certainly knows how to promote herself and she will always be in demand because of that ability. I'm not sure what Bellator has planned for her as their next women's tournament will be at 125lb probably in the fall of 2013. Enjoy the video!

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