Saturday, December 15, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Noah Preminger

Artist:Noah Preminger
Album:Before The Rain

Noah Preminger is a young sax player making his mark in the jazz world. He has recorded two CDs and is getting ready to record his next album. He was born June 2,1986 in Brooklyn, NY and studied at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. When he moved back to New York, he was a sideman for veteran musicians like pianist Frank Kimbrough and guitarist Ben Monder. Both guys played on Preminger's 2008 debut CD Dry Bridge Road. Preminger signed with the jazz label Palmetto Records. Abreaction is from his 2011 CD Before The Rain. Kimbrough returns for this recording along with bassist John Hebert (was also on the first CD) and drummer Matt Wilson who leads his own band Arts & Crafts. Preminger says on his website that he is going into the studio to record his next CD. I am always asked about the state of jazz because some think jazz is dead or dying. But as long as young musicians like Noah Preminger are emerging, jazz will always live. When I'm doing song of the day, the big problem is finding decent video clips and bios of young jazz musicians. A lot of them need to learn to market themselves. But if you're a jazz fan, you should support guys like Noah Preminger. Here's Noah Preminger with guitarist Ben Monder and his trio performing Abreaction at the Beehive in Boston July 2011. It looks pretty good for a video shot with a Flip camcorder.

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