Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg will happen...but not in February

So things went a little nuts last night when the UFC Brazil website posted that Ronda Rousey will face Cris Cyborg on UFC 157 in Anaheim in February. Then all of these supposed experts claimed that the fight was a done deal. Ugh! Of course the UFC Brazil report was erroneous and was quickly taken down. But we did get some good news about this fight last night. Cris Cyborg told the Brazilian magazine Tatame that she is willing to drop to 135lb to fight Ronda. But she can't do it in February. I'm sure it was offered to her but I agree with her decision not do take the fight at this time. But the big story is that after months of pathetic whining, Cris and her manager Tito Ortiz have agreed that this fight will only happen at 135. After last month's attempt to gain sympathy by claiming her doctor would not allow her to drop to 135 for health reasons was met with skepticism, they finally got the message. But when UFC president Dana White flatly stated at UFC 154 in Montreal that Cyborg didn't want to fight Rousey, they changed their tune. It would not surprise me if Ronda does fight on UFC 157 but a more likely opponent would be Liz Carmouche. I also suggest that Cris Cyborg should fight Sara McMann at 135lb and the winner gets a title shot. That would be good and it would test Cris at 135. If she wins, Cris is then confident that she can make 135 and be effective.

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