Monday, December 24, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Megumi Fujii vs VV Mei

Here is the fight video of Megumi Fujii vs VV Mei from today's Vale Tudo Japan show at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. VTJ was a 90s promotion revived for one night only by Shooto. The big but not surprising news was that before the match, Megumi announced that this would be her last match. She has been considering retirement for a couple of years. The main reason for retirement is her knees are shot. Her plan was to retire even if this fight hadn't come up. I don't think she would have taken the fight if they had offered a lesser opponent. Unfortunately, instead of making this fight a co-main event and schedule it for three rounds, the idiot promoters buried it on the undercard and scheduled it for two rounds. Ugh! It didn't matter. It was fight of the night anyway. In the first round, when Mei started getting the best of strike exchanges, Megumi went for the takedown and for the most part controlled the rest of the round with ground and pound and some submission attempts. Round one is 10-9 Megumi. this continued in round two. But halfway through the round, Mei turns it around and starts pounding. Megumi tries to go for submissions from the bottom. But while doing this, she was eating a lot of shots. Look, I understand she has confidence in her submissions. But she should have tried to get out from under. It looks bad to the judges. Mei was well aware of Megumi's submissions and defended very well while continuing to pound. The judges gave Megumi the unanimous decision but it should have been called a draw. A third round would have been helpful but the promoter is an idiot. So that's it. Megumi Fujii is retired. She said in a recent interview that the only fight that would interest her is a rematch with Jessica Aguilar. I hope there is a lavish retirement ceremony on the next JEWELS show. I have always said that I would like to see Megumi and Hitomi Akano should retire together. They have been joined at the hip for over twenty years. is Megumi Fujii an MMA Hall of Famer. No, she is a martial arts HOFer. what she has done for martial arts in Japan especially for women and kids transcends the sport. And she was a decorated amateur competitor long before she turned pro. Enjoy the video!


  1. Megumi is amazing. What about one last fight and maybe a match with Rin at 125lbs before she retires?
    Who wouldn't want to see that?

  2. Well, Megumi is waffling now. She said before the fight that this was it. After the fight, she told Josh Barnett that she wasn't going to retire. The truth is she isn't sure. She did say the one fight she would like is a rematch with Jessica Aguilar. That's up to Bellator and Jessica. I'm don't know if there's anything else that would interest her. If she wants to continue to fight in Japan, there are plenty of 115lb fighters. She doesn't need to go outside her weight class.

  3. Well, she still looks fit and sharp and she's never really beaten so there may still be a few fights left in her.
    Whatever happens, she's a true legend and has done amazing things for WMMA.