Saturday, December 08, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video TheatreJessica Eye vs Zoila Gurgel

Here is the fight video of Jessica Eye vs Zoila Gurgel from last night's Bellator show. As you know, the show was geo blocked and fans outside North America can't watch it live. I told Jessica yesterday that she needed to finish Zoila as Zoila has been extraordinarily lucky when the fight goes to the judges. Judges seem to be blinded by her flashy style though she doesn't do much. I told someone else that Zoila is the worst fighter with the best record. She was very unimpressive in her recent fight against Casey Noland. That fight should have been a lot easier for her. What Jessica needed to do was be aggressive and stay aggressive. If she is tentative with Zoila, that plays into Zoila's hands and the end result is an undeserved split decision win for Zoila. When a fighter is told "Don't leave it to the judges", it should be illustrated with a picture of Zoila Gurgel. So that's what Jessica did. She knocked Zoila down with a shot between the eyes and then connected two more times while Zoila was down. Jessica needed to stay on her. And though Zoila did get up, Jessica applied a standing choke that was worthy of Sgt. Slaughter's Cobra Clutch. I thought I was watching Shoot Boxing for a minute. When was the last time you saw one of those? Jessica took Zoila to the fence and started rubbing her face in the fence, something she said she wanted to do before the fight. Zoila is trying to defend but as you can see, her face was turning purple so she didn't have much time. The fight was stopped at 58 seconds of the first round. It's scored as a technical submission because the ref called the match because Zoila was out cold. This is Jessica's biggest win to date. She was more aggressive than I had seen her in the past. She needs to keep it up. And maybe Zoila Gurgel's luck has finally run out. Check out the video.

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