Wednesday, December 05, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mashmakhan

Song:As The Years Go By
Album:Rock Artifacts Vol. 1

The short lived group Mashmakhan had their only big hit with As The Years Go By in 1970. It was top 40 in the US. It topped the Canadian charts and was a million seller in Japan. The band split up when their second album tanked. Mashmakhan was from Montreal. Pierre Senecal, Brian Edwards, Rayburn Blake and Jerry Mercer played local clubs as The Phantoms, Ray Blake's Combo and The Dominoes. They were backing up R & B singer Trevor Payne as The Triangle when producer Bob Hahn spotted them and signed them to Columbia Records Canada. The name Mashmakhan is a drug reference. The idea was for the band to appeal to fans of psychedelic music. As The Years Go By topped the Canadian charts and Columbia in the US released it on Epic. It reached #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. And it sold a million copies in Japan and Mashmakhan had a big tour there. The problem was Mashmakhan's second album The Family bombed so badly, they decided to split up. As The Years Go By is best found on this Sony various artists CD. Jerry Mercer joined April Wine and Mashmakhan was revived in the late 70s by April Wine's label Aquarius. There was interest recently in Mashmakhan when they were featured in the concert film Festival Express. So here's Mashmakhan performing As The Years Go By from the film Festival Express.

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