Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dana White offers nutritional help to Cris Cyborg

So when UFC president Dana White is in one of those post show media scrums, one never knows what subjects will be discussed. With a UFC women's division starting with Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche being established on Feb. 23, it's inevitable that he will get asked about future opponents for the champ. Cris Cyborg is just coming off of her one year suspension for using the anabolic steroid stanazolol. Last month, Cris and manager Tito Ortiz claimed that a doctor would not allow her to drop to 135lb for medical reasons. At the UFC show in Montreal, White said he didn't think Cris wanted to fight Ronda. And he said that she will only get that fight if she agrees to drop to 135. Recently, Cris told the Brazilian magazine TATAME that she has agreed to drop to 135. But Ortiz continues to claim that dropping to 135 is not safe and he wants the fight at a catchweight of 140. TATAME reports that at last night's media scrum, White repeated that Ronda vs Cyborg will only happen at 135 and that Ortiz needs to get with the program or the opportunity will simply disappear. He said that sometimes an historic fight only comes along once in a lifetime. And if Ortiz doesn't smarten up, this fight could never happen like Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. What if Cyborg fights in Invicta and loses? He says this because of course Pacquiao was knocked out recently and the Mayweather fight may not be valuable anymore. Strike while the iron is hot or you lose. White says Cris has to prove herself to get this fight. And he has offered the services of nutritionist Mike Dolce at no cost to Cris. The UFC will pay for his services. Dolce is the man behind The Dolce Diet that is used by several UFC fighters. White says that Dolce is ready and willing to work with Cris. He repeated that women in the UFC is an experiment and it could last a year or last forever. He doesn't know. So he says Cris Cyborg needs to be ready to fight on the UFC's terms. And that means the fight will happen at 135lb or it won't happen at all.

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