Monday, December 24, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Petula Clark

Artist:Petula Clark
Song:Don't Sleep In The Subway
Album:Ultimate Petula Clark

Petula Clark is the most commercially successful female singer in British chart history. But she also had a good run in North America during the British Invasion of the mid-60s. Don't Sleep In The Subway was her final top five hit in 1967. She was born Nov. 15, 1932 in Epsom, Surrey, England. Her mother taught her to sing. As a child, Petula appeared on radio, in films and on TV. She first recorded in the late 40s and had success in England in the 50s. For most of her career, her British label was Pye Records. In 1958, she signed to record in French with Vogue Records. She had some success but by 1963, her career was fading. Tony Hatch worked with Petula on some of these recordings and knew she needed a hit. He wrote and produced Downtown and her other hits. When the song started to catch on, Warner Bros. signed Petula to a US contract. Downtown was a worldwide chart topper in 1964. Her other number one hit was My Love in 1965. Other top five hits were I Know A Place, This Is My Song and her final top five hit Don't Sleep In The Subway reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967. Though Petula Clark faded in North America in the late 60s, she has continued to be very popular in England. She still records and tours and also appears on TV. This comp covers her 60s recordings. she currently lives in Switzerland with husband Claude Wolff. here's Petula Clark performing Don't Sleep In The Subway on The Hollywood Palace 1967.

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