Tuesday, January 01, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Julie D

Artist:Julie D
Song:Aiko Aiko
Album:Ultra Chicks Vol. 6

Here's a very obscure slice of late 60s Ye Ye music that is interesting because Julie D comes from a very famous family. You can't even get Aiko Aiko on CD because Ultra Chicks Vol. 6 was only released as a bootleg CD. Julie Dassin was born in New York City in 1944. She is the youngest child of film director Jules Dassin and her brother Joe Dassin was a big singing star in France in the 70s. Jules Dassin is best known for directing the 1948 film The Naked City and at the time was hailed as one of the leading lights of post war film. Unfortunately he was blacklisted for supposed Communist ties and his film career never recovered. By the late 60s, Julie wanted to be a singer and she recorded a couple of songs including this French version of the New Orleans standard Aiko Aiko. Ultra Chicks is a legit CD series focusing on the Ye Ye singers of the 60s. Earlier volumes are available but it appears that Vol. 6 was compiled but never released. It is only available as a bootleg. So it's unlikely that you will find it. Julie never became a star but her older brother Joe Dassin was very popular on the French pop music charts in the 70s. It appears Julie toured with him. And their other sister Richelle was involved too. Sadly Joe Dassin died of a heart attack on Aug. 20, 1980 at age 42. Julie Dassin recorded an album for RCA France in 1980 but nothing came of it and I see no evidence of anything since then. Julie and Richelle wrote most of the songs on that album. But at least we have this video of Aiko Aiko by Julie D. I wish it was in sync.

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