Friday, December 07, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Cult

Artist:The Cult
Song:She Sells Sanctuary
Album:Pure Cult: The Singles 1984-1995

I would describe The Cult as having a very similar sound to U2. The big difference was that The Cult's personnel was not as stable as U2 and a band needs that stability for long term success. But The Cult's mid-80s albums did very well despite never having a big hit single. She Sells Sanctuary is their signature song. Lead singer Ian Astbury is from Bradford, Yorkshire, England. He started Southern Death Cult with members of the punk band Violation in 1981. They released a single and toured England. But Astbury disbanded them in Feb. 1983. It's not clear why he did this. But in Apr. 1983, he started a new band Death Cult when he met guitarist Billy Duffy. Duffy had played with Morrissey in the pre-Smiths band The Nosebleeds. These were the two main members of The Cult. The rest of the band was a revolving door. They went through a lot of musicians. They signed with Beggars Banquet Records and released their debut album Dreamtime in 1984. The album did well enough in England to get them a US deal with Sire Records. She Sells Sanctuary is from their 1985 album Love. It was never a hit single but the video went into regular rotation on MTV. The album sold 2 1/2 million copies worldwide. The Cult's success continued for a few years but they faded in the early 90s. And Astbury and Duffy weren't getting along. They split up in 1995. You can get all their singles on this budget comp. Astbury's attempt to record solo didn't work out and The Cult reformed in 1999. They have split up and reformed a couple of times, most recently in 2011. If Astbury and Duffy want to work together, they hire musicians to back them up. The Cult released a new CD Weapon Of Choice Oct. 2012. Here's the video for She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult.

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