Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Marloes Coenen added to NYE DREAM/GLORY show

GLORY announced today that women's MMA pioneer Marloes Coenen has been added to the Dec. 31 DREAM/GLORY show at Saitama Super Arena. GLORY acquired the DREAM name so they could sell this as a nostalgia show in Japan. The show really has nothing to do with DREAM, PRIDE or anything like that. GLORY is planning to run kickboxing shows in Japan anyway. Marloes will take on Fiona Maxlow. Fiona is from Queensland, Australia and trains at Cale Crosby MMA. Her record is 6-1 but like a lot of Aussie fighters, she hasn't fought anyone notable. The women's MMA scene in Australia is in a very early stage of development and most fight records should be taken with a grain of salt. Her last fight was a win over Leanne Reid on the Oct. 27 Brace Girls all women's MMA show. Her only loss was to Cindy Hales in 2008 and I think most of us recall Cindy from one of the FFF shows in Los Angeles in 2007. Fiona is likely in over her head against someone as experienced as Marloes. The last time Marloes fought in Japan was when she was runner up to Roxanne Modafferi on the May 2007 K-Grace tournament. But as long time fans know, a 19 year old Marloes won the World Remix tournament in Tokyo in 2000. So she has a long history fighting in Japan. Her last fight was a win over Romy Ruyssen on the first Invicta show. Marloes broke her hand during that match and that's why you haven't seen her lately. She has trained at Golden Glory in Amsterdam for years so she is closely tied to the GLORY promotion. I would have liked to see them make a bigger deal about Marloes' appearance on the show. Now it seems like an afterthought.

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