Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tara LaRosa escapes with a win at RFA2

Since Bodog Fight closed in 2007, top ranked female fighter Tara LaRosa has been on the outside looking at other fighters success. It seems that every MMA company she has worked for has gone out of business. So now she has signed a two fight contract with Resurrection Fighting Alliance. Last night she won over Kelly Warren by armbar with one second left in the fight. I think it's fair to say that Kelly is not at Tara's level. So what Tara needed to do was make a statement and finish this fight early and decisively. But for some reason, Tara didn't do that. When I was watching the first round of this fight, I was wondering who was fighting because she didn't look like Tara LaRosa. I don't accept the excuse that she is a slow starter. Apparently the judges had Kelly winning after round one. I thought it was even but I was disappointed Tara didn't perform better. Tara won round two but it's not like she dominated. And she continued to have problems with Kelly in round three until she finally took her down and got the position she needed to end it with the armbar. Tara did enough in the third round to win anyway. But it never should have gotten this far. If she's going to have trouble with a fighter like this, maybe time has passed Tara LaRosa by. I hope not but she has to show me something next time. About the commentary, this show was announced by Mauro Ranallo along with former UFC fighters Justin McCully and Jens Pulver. First, I don't like three man booths. Pulver is useless as a fight analyst because he has nothing to say. McCully is one of RFA's owners and it's obvious he is not a professional broadcaster. When Pulver left to corner Tara, Frank Shamrock was brought in. Shamrock has been known for unprofessional behaviour on Strikeforce broadcasts. His commentary during this match is insulting. It's tough for Mauro because he has to be traffic cop with these two guys. I like him a lot better when he works with Pat Militich because the commentary is more concise. On this video, Shamrock is ridiculous. Check it out for yourself.

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