Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four girls pass STARDOM auditions

STARDOM recently held auditions for new recruits and on Friday held the finals. This video gives you a look at them. You'll notice they started with six girls and cut two of them. They put them through a fitness test, a swimsuit review and then they have to talk about themselves. Yuzuki Aikawa was on hand to help with the judging. You'll notice in the fitness test that two of the girls couldn't even do a pushup. Those two girls were eliminated. I guess they have minimum standards. Of the four girls chosen, the one to watch is 19 year old adult video actress Riho Sawaki. She's the one with the pig tails and the red bikini. That kind of history gives her an advantage because of sex appeal. Athletic ability obviously isn't a priority. The other three aren't all that interesting. There's 24 year old Maki Yoshihara who mostly gushes about how much she admires Aikawa. I guess it doesn't hurt to butter up one of the judges. I think she's too thin. She's in the light blue bikini. Then there's 28 year old Hirutsaka. She seems a little old and doesn't have the bikini model look. She's in the pink and white bikini. And the fourth is 25 year old Miwa Tachibana in the brown bikini. She's a dancer and has the biggest boobs of the four. I admit she doesn't look 25. We all know what Hiroshi Ogawa is looking for. They seem to get a really mixed bag because athletic talent isn't a priority. Enjoy the video!

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