Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cris Cyborg offers a different excuse for positive drug test

So here's a video where Cris Cyborg gives a new reason...er...excuse for testing positive for stanozolol. You may recall that a couple of months ago she said that she mistakenly took a diet supplement while cutting weight. She forgot to consult a doctor. In this video, she says she was sabotaged. Someone deliberately gave her the tainted supplement. Of course you probably know that she split with her husband a couple of months ago. She might as well throw him under the bus. It doesn't matter. As we saw today, King Mo Lawal throwing himself on the mercy of the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn't earn him a reduction of his penalties. It seems unlikely that Cyborg's luck will be any better. All she is trying to do now is plead for fan sympathy.

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